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November 9, 2012

Mihaela Damian

Mihaela Damian grew up with painting and drawing in her life – her father was an artist and encouraged his daughter to follow in his footsteps.

Painting is Mihaela’s escape from the stressful daily life. Like many of us she is not a full-time painter, and takes to the brushes when inspiration is chasing her.  All her paintings are therefore ‘not just random…they are a drop of passion.’

Mihaela say’s ‘I would like my art to make people happy. And the first step in achieving this is to make myself happy. If I’m smiling when the painting is finished, I have achieved my first goal.’

If Mihaela’s work makes you happy then take a look at her Pop-up Gallery here.

September 29, 2012

Amber Caspian Art

Sarah Turpin paints witches with a little kink in their personality, along with other magical characters and delightful creatures. She now sells them under the name Amber Caspian Art having sold a number of paintings, bookends and mirror frames under her pseudonym in the past.

Born in Folkestone, Kent and brought up in Thaxted, Sarah studied Art in Bristol, worked in London for several years in bookselling and then marketing for Penguin Children’s Books. While there she indulged her passion for art, books and stories and amassed a considerable collection of wonderful children’s illustrated books.

Sarah has loved witches and fairy tales since early childhood, enchanted by the drawings and silhouettes of Arthur Rackham and Jan Pienkowski. Later she turned creatively to this subject painting them in watercolour and ink.

I am inspired by folk and faery stories, dreams, nature, spirit, ancient landscapes and beautiful words, I write poems as part of my creative process. My recent travels across flame-coloured deserts in North America and frozen lakes in Arctic Sweden also greatly influence my work.

You can visit the Amber Caspian Art Pop-up Gallery here –

September 25, 2012

Pat Collingwood (pjc gallery)

Pat Collingwood retired last year after more than 30 years working in an office environment. A keen amateur photographer for many years, she recently turned her attention to learning painting and drawing skills at local classes.

It was during one of the classes that someone explained about encaustic art (hot wax painting), which sounded so interesting that she decided to give it a try. Pat was hooked from the moment she created her first picture using this technique.

Due to the large amount of art materials Pat has accumulated and the lack of a dedicated work space in the house she started off working on the dining room table. She has now moved onto better things having had a lovely studio built in the garden where she can create whenever she wants.

I enjoy visiting art exhibitions but most of my inspiration comes from nature.’

You can see more of Pat’s work in her Pop-up Gallery here –

September 20, 2012

Anthony Hopkinson

A long time painter, Anthony took up printmaking about eight years ago and is now his main artistic activity. He began by exploring screen-printing a cheap, simple and non-toxic form of printmaking that can easily be carried out at home.

He tends to use only a small number of colours, often just a basic blue, red and yellow. The colours are transparent so a wide range of hues can be produced by printing one colour on top of another, varying the strength of each colour. Anthony will usually produce editions of 10 to 20; as the screen or plate is re-inked for each print in the edition there will be slight variations.

In the past year he has turned to other forms of printmaking, particularly drypoint and collagraph. Some recent prints are monoprints or monotypes, still using printmaking techniques but as one-offs, not editions. This is an exciting area for experiment and a lot of fun.

You can see more works by Anthony Hopkinson in his Pop-up Gallery here –

June 29, 2012

Welcome to the i2Pop-up Community!

A big hello to all you Artists and Art Lovers out there!

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